NTO Management

This site was launched in 2007 and we own a few domain names
If you are interested in one of our domain names please use the contact option.


    We own several domains since 2007 and have held them for years, with an average holding period of 10 years. Our journey began unexpectedly with a failed $10,000 startup project. Ironically, the domain ended up being worth more than everything else combined, thanks to a multiplayer online game that shared the same name.

How do we sell domains?

  1. We try to respond to any queries on this site within 24 hours. However, we also receive contact from various scammers and ignore certain messages.
  2. We list some of our domains on auction sites like dan.com, namesilo.com, and godaddy.com. Occasionally, we try other sites.
  3. Sometimes, we reach out directly to firms we think could be interested. We do this via email at @ntom.com or via LinkedIn.
  4. If a transaction does not occur through one of the auction sites mentioned in 2, then we use an escrow service for the protection of both parties (Escrow.com or sedo.com).
  5. If you request a quote for a domain, please confirm receipt so we know it's not in your spam folder.
  6. All our quotes are time-limited. If you return in a few months, do not expect the same price.

How do we price domains?

  1. Our valuation is determined by:
    • How much we like a domain ourselves
    • The number of people trying to buy a domain
    • Public valuations by estibot.com and godaddy.com
    • The shorter and older the domain, the better.


Valid international telephone number required to get a response.

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